Ep 001 – Let’s Start the Show!

Ep 001 – Let’s Start the Show!

Ep 001 – Let’s Start the Show! 1920 1080 John DeLancey

Hello there! Welcome to this very first episode of the (show notes for) the Story-Driven Business Show!

In this episode, I’ll give you an idea of what to expect from the show going forward and announce a HUGE giveaway! Stay tuned!

Show Notes

In this week’s episode – the very first of the show – I discuss:

  • The previous incarnation of this idea called the “Marketing the Magic Show” and how it evolved
  • My mission in business and with this project in particular
  • The Disney inspiration that started it all
  • The kinds of shows and lessons to expect going forward
  • A MASSIVE giveaway that I’m SUPER excited about! Check out the details on it below!

Special Giveaway Contest

To celebrate the big “re” launch of this show, I’m holding a huge giveaway contest (no cost to enter, of course)!

The contest is open for entries until August 13th, 2018, and I’ll be drawing and announcing the one grand prize winner on August 14th.

“So what are you giving away,” you ask.

The grand prize package for this giveaway will include:

  • A Story-Driven Business t-shirt
  • Three of my favorite business books of all time along with my notes on each
  • And the big daddy prize, your ticket AND hotel room for the Momentum Weekend Workshop conference hosted by Lou Mongello of WDW Radio fame in Orlando, Florida this October 2018!

That’s right: you’ll win your ticket and hotel stay at this amazing conference (which you’ll hear a LOT more about from me). All you have to do is get there and cover your food (and Disney tickets and souvenirs, of course).

So how do you win?

Just click the big banner below to enter the giveaway! There are multiple ways to enter, and you’ll be helping to grow the show in the process, so thank you!

And that’s gonna wrap it up for this week’s episode.

Until next time, stay Story-Driven, and I’ll see ya real soon!

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