Ep 002 – My Story

Ep 002 – My Story

Ep 002 – My Story 1920 1080 John DeLancey

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Story-Driven Business Show!

This week’s episode is all about me. I realize that seems a bit self-serving, but though I’m actually pretty anxious about telling it for the first time (to the public, anyway), I feel like it’s pretty important for me to do it.

I want you, the listener, to know who I am and why I feel like I have something to say about business and storytelling. I also want to get this show started with some real, raw honesty – this isn’t going to be the typical sunshine and rainbows startup story. Finally, I want you, my listener and friend I haven’t met yet, to perhaps realize that you aren’t alone if you’ve faced some of the same dilemmas as I have.

So let’s jump into the story!

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I discuss:

  • My story starting 23 years ago with my first programmable computer (I don’t go through ALLLLL of it, don’t worry…)
  • How I struck out on my own and started my business
  • The first dilemma I faced: how to grow my one-man business while maintaining great customer service
  • The dual disaster I brought down on myself and how I resolved each situation
  • How finding my first real coach and teacher started me on a new path
  • How finding my current mentor and his podcast connected the dots between Disney and business
  • The final ingredient to my “business success” recipe

Key Thoughts

All of my success in business can be attributed to the relationships I nurtured, and all of my failures to the relationships I abused or took for granted. Click To Tweet


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Until next time, stay Story-Driven, and I’ll see ya real soon!

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