Ep 006 – How to Beat Impostor Syndrome Like Buzz Lightyear

Ep 006 – How to Beat Impostor Syndrome Like Buzz Lightyear

Ep 006 – How to Beat Impostor Syndrome Like Buzz Lightyear 1920 1080 John DeLancey

Hello there!

This week’s episode is going deep. It’s a subject that’s incredibly personal to me because it’s an issue I deal with on the regular. Like a lot.

I’m going to be talking about impostor syndrome, an incredibly common malady suffered by entrepreneurs and successful people everywhere.

And there’s a lot we can learn about how to recognize it and deal with it from the two main heroes – Buzz and Woody – from Disney’s Toy Story franchise.

Let’s get into the story.

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I discuss:

  • What impostor syndrome is at a high level
  • Why it’s such an important issue to me (and should be to you as a successful business owner)
  • How Buzz and, to an even greater extent, Woody exemplify impostor syndrome (and how the two characters are different)
  • How impostor syndrome, as I discussed in a previous episode, is one kind of forced perspective that is involuntary
  • Three ways to beat impostor syndrome including references from a fantastic Forbes article on the subject
  • The real crime that impostor syndrome forces us to commit

Key Thoughts

“How many of us have felt like we were just waiting on someone to call us out like Woody did to Buzz? We’re just waiting for the world to scream, 'You are a child’s plaything!'” Click To Tweet “That’s the real impact that impostor syndrome has on us when we let it win. It robs the world around us of the skill and capability that we have developed and earned, and that is a crime.” Click To Tweet

Until next time,
I’ll see ya real soon!


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