Ep 030 – Invest in Yourself

Ep 030 – Invest in Yourself

Ep 030 – Invest in Yourself 1920 1080 John DeLancey

Hello there!

This week’s episode on one of my favorite subjects (and one I think a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with): investing in ourselves as entrepreneurs.

Let’s get into the story!

In this week’s episode, I discuss:

  • Why investing in ourselves is so critical to begin with
  • Walt’s take on such investment and the nature of curiosity
  • How the more than $10,000 of courses I’ve taken have ACTUALLY benefited me
  • How one of my favorite coaches/podcasters, Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School, made the leap and dropped $36,000 on her coach (and why it made sense)
  • The nature of “easy buttons”
  • How investing in ourselves isn’t just about education

It’s a jam-packed episode, and I think every entrepreneur needs to think about how to incorporate self-investment into his or her life.

Until next time, stay story-driven, and I’ll see ya real soon!

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