Ep 007 – Let It Go! Learning to Delegate in Business

Ep 007 – Let It Go! Learning to Delegate in Business

Ep 007 – Let It Go! Learning to Delegate in Business 1920 1080 John DeLancey

Hello there!

In this week’s episode of the show, I’m tackling a subject I’m not PARTICULARLY good at myself (but I am working on it and making progress), and it’s delegation.

Walt Disney, a business icon, was a master of delegation the right way, and there’s a lot we can learn on how to delegate effectively from him and from a bit of frank honesty with ourselves when it comes right down to it.

Let’s get into the story!

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, I discuss:

  • Why delegation is so critical (and so hard to do for many of us)
  • How Walt exemplified delegation done right with a story from the classic film Snow White (from the book I reviewed a couple of episodes ago!)
  • The great lie we tell ourselves and why it’s so harmful
  • What to do if we can’t hire for expertise yet
  • How I learned to delegate as a control fanatic
  • The two kinds of delegation I employ and what to know about each
  • A fantastic exercise to help yourself (and your team) understand the nature of delegation

Speaking of that exercise, did you take part?

If so, here’s what I was trying to get you to draw (or picture for me)?

How’d you do (tag me on social with your drawing!)?

Did you draw the nose I didn’t mention (especially if you recognized the character as Olaf)?

Delegation ain’t easy….

Key Thoughts

That’s a lie we tell ourselves to justify wasting time focusing on things we shouldn’t be focusing on. Click To Tweet It IS easier to get things done exactly the way you want them, but that’s not the same thing as easier and better for the business in general. Click To Tweet

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